Miracles by Rose

Because every birth is a miracle

Support during the birthprocess

Miracles by Rose specializes in support during pregnancy and delivery. “With over 40 years of experience in care – of which 20 years specialize in obstetrics – I have all the knowledge to support you optimally. I do this with peace and attention for you, your possible partner and ultimately for your wonderful miracle. “


Congratulations on your pregnancy! An exciting time is coming in which a lot will change. It can be nice to get some extra attention during such an exciting period. As a doula, I gladly guide you during your pregnancy through multiple conversations. In it we discuss your wishes, we prepare a birth plan and I’d like to hear previous experiences.


After all those months, the time has finally come; childbirth! Perhaps you are a bit anxious, or  maybe you are looking forward to finally holding your baby. Even if you want a doula last-minute, that is possible. During the delivery, I monitor your rest, I ensure personal attention and I ensure that your birth plan is pursued.


Is your interest sparked or do you have any questions? Feel free to contact me. 

Rose as doula

Besides being a doula, I’m also a mother and grandmother. As a child I already enjoyed caring for other people. That’s why it’s not surprising I turned this into my career. While working in the delivery rooms, I noticed that an increase in attention towards a pregnant woman resulted in a more pleasant childbirth. I’m pleased to offer you such time and dedication as a doula. 


“During labour Rose helped me with breathing techniques and assured that I stayed calm. Because I was able to relax this way during the contractions, I didn’t have to use any pain medication. As a single woman I found it pleasant that I wasn’t alone for a minute as Rose was there for me constantly.”