Who am I?


My name is Rose, I live in the Hague and I’m a mother and grandmother.

When I’m not at work, I like to be creative. I love to do crochet, knit and make Waldorf-dolls for my granddaughter. I also love to craft together with her and I enjoy walking in the park with my French Bulldog. I go to the movies regularly and also enjoy city-trips with my friends. I am very empathetic and feel connected to the anthroposophy, but I’m also grounded.


My name is Rose, I live in The Hague and I am mother and grandmother.

In addition to work, I like to be creative. I love crochet, knitting and making Waldorf dolls. I enjoy tinkering with my granddaughter and enjoying in the park with my French Bulldog. I also go to the movies regularly and find it very rich to go out for a day with friends. I have great empathy and I feel connected to anthroposophy, but I also have my feet on the ground.

I have been working in healthcare since 1979. The first twenty years of which mainly with the elderly. In 1999 I decided to do the maternity care training where I mainly gained experience with home births.

In 2001 I started working in the delivery rooms at different hospitals. Then I followed the training to become a nurse and later to become a specialized nurse (BIG registered) in obstetrics. Here I learned how to offer the best care to pregnant women, the parting women, the maternity women and the (sick) newborn. I have always enjoyed doing this. In addition, I worked once a week at the gynecology outpatient clinic. Here I was able to guide women during pregnancy and I prepared for the birth process. What struck me was that the more time I had for them, the better the delivery went. So those women looked back more positively on their birth.

I have seen how strong a woman is and what she is capable of in her own strength, to welcome the miracle. So in 2018 I decided (after having thought about it for years) to follow my dream. To become a doula! I followed the training to become a doula and I’ve been so happy with my choice!

 I have worked in the following delivery rooms:

The Elkerliek Hospital (Helmond)
MCH Westeinde (The Hague)
Haga Hospital Leyweg (The Hague)
Haga Hospital Sportlaan (The Hague)

I am also in possession of the WHO / UNICEF breastfeeding certificate.
Through all this knowledge and experience I am sure that I can offer you the best guidance. 


What do other people say about Rose?

“During the delivery, Rose helped me with breathing techniques and made sure that I remained calm. Because I could relax in this way between contractions, I did not have to use pain medication. As a single person, I thought it was great that I was not alone for a moment, because Rose was constantly there. “


“With humor and warmth Rose took care of us. She felt it perfectly when we needed some space. And she was there for us when it really mattered. Rose has a special place in our heart!”

Irene & Michael

“After giving birth without a doula, Rose was a very valuable addition to my second birth. I found it very special how she involved my partner in everything. Never again without Rose!”