Are you interested in experiences of others? Read here all they have to say about Miracles by Rose. 

Irene & Michael

With a belly like a melon I entered the hospital. Eight hours later we had a beautiful, sweet baby in our arms. Rose helped us fantastically with what happened in between. She just sacrificed a day of her vacation to assist us last minute. We hadn’t expected that at all! But it was nice to see a familiar face in the cold surroundings of the hospital.

With humor and warmth she took care of us. She felt it perfectly when we needed some space. And she was there for us when it really mattered. Rose has a special place in our heart!


Because Rose had a lot of practical experience, she was able to help me well with my birth plan. She listened carefully to my wishes and also went to the obstetrician. At almost 38 weeks pregnant, I was stripped in the hospital, with Rose present!

Saturday I greeted Rose at 8:00 AM at Haga Hospital. With a lot of effort my membrames were broken and it turned out I was already at 5 cm!  It was not easy to break the membranes, but luckily Rose made sure I watched my breathing. All I could do at that time, was to wait. I walked around the ward with Rose, but little happened. Until I was just back in my room, I suddenly stood in a large pool of water! We laughed, Rose suggested for me to take a nice shower and in the meantime the room was cleaned. The contractions started and between the contractions I felt good and could still laugh. Even when the contractions came faster and faster, Rose made sure I kept focussing on my breathing. 

At a certain point I could no longer laugh, because I was in a lot of pain. In one of the meetups I decided that I wanted to use “remifentanil” if I really didn’t like it anymore. The doctor quickly felt between two contractions and said that I already was at 8 cm. Rose had told me it was the hour of desperation, so I decided to go on without pain relief.

Then it suddenly went fast. Half an hour later I had full access, 10 cm, it was really going to happen!

I took a breath and pushed as hard and as long as I could and Rose encouraged me. She also dabbed my face with a wet washcloth. After an hour I became very exhausted. Rose gave me a sip of apple juice, I squeezed one more time and then I felt my baby come out.

“You can take her,” I heard Roses voice next to me. I held out my arms, grabbed her and quickly placed her on my chest. “Welcome to the world,” I said, looking in love at the most perfect baby on my chest.

When Rose came to visit, she said it was so busy in the hospital; I didn’t notice anything. I never had to press a button, because Rose was with me constantly and was really there for me. Occasionally, during pregnancy, I only felt a “barrel” for the baby, but Rose really saw me as a person. I am very grateful to her and when she left I said: “next time I want you again!”