What is a doula?

A Doula is a Greek word meaning serving-woman.

In this day and age it’s a woman who will help you and your possible partner prepare for the birth. A woman who is constantly there when you need her in the birth process. Because we will be in contact several times during your pregnancy, we build up a relationship of trust. We will discuss your wishes, therefore I know what I can do for you during the birth process. I will be there for you physically and psychologically. This way I hope to optimise the birth so that you can look back on it in a positive way.


During pregnancy

The guidance during pregnancy consists of various meetings, in which the topics mentioned below will be extensively discussed;

We can discuss everyting you would like me to do, I’ll also tell you in person what I have to offer. 

Whether you want to give birth at home or in the hospital; everything is possible. I have years of experience in the Haga hospital, but I also worked in the Westeinde. I also gained a lot of experience with home births. It is also possible to use the delivery bath.

Have you given birth before? I would love to hear that story. What did you like?  What would you change?

The birthplan consists of all your wishes. For example, what kind of pain medication would you like? Where would you like to give birth? Who do you want to have with you during the delivery? Who do you want to call when the baby is born? Who is cutting the umbilical cord? If you think about these things in advance, you are more likely to have the birth process that you want.

Unfortunately sometimes things go wrong during pregnancy. If that’s the case; I am there for you. I will support you and support you with the tough decisions. 

During childbirth

The guidance during childbirth consists of:

We can discuss everyting you would like me to do, I’ll also tell you in person what I have to offer. 

Safeguarding of tranquility, both at home and in hospital

Offer proper attention, to you and your potential partner

I help you to cope with the contractions through breathing techniques.

Try different poses to find out what suits you best. By changing postures you usually experience less pain and the delivery takes less time.

Some poses that you can try are:

  • Catch a contraction while you rock your hips or lean on a table or chair
  • Walk around
  • Sit on a stool or on a ski ball
  • Hang over on the table or the counter top

If you like it, I can apply footreflexology.

A massage can also help you deal with the pain.

Zwangere vrouw met babyschoentjes over boek

For whom

Receiving guidance from a doula can be useful in various cases, but can be viewed as particularly beneficial if:

I have years of experience with anxious patients and will be with you constantly to reassure you.

After a traumatic birth, a second pregnancy can be a bit daunting. I will do everything I can to make your coming birth a more positive experience.

It can be nice to have someone with you at an appointment with your obstetrician. You can always call me during the last, exciting weeks of pregnancy. You are not alone during the delivery. This has many positive effects on the birth.

If your partner is often away from home, you may feel that you are on your own. A doula can help you by offering peace, attention and support.

It is always an exciting time when you’re pregnant. But when you’re a teenager there is so much more going on. It can be very nice if someone is there just for you. Who is only there to guide you and your baby in the best possible way.

Then I will do everything to make this birth as natural as possible.


Having a doula involved during the several stages of the birth process knows many benefits, including:

In the presence of a doula there is 40% less use of the vacuum pump.

When a doula is present, there are 30% fewer requests for pain relief and even 60% fewer requests for an epidural!

In the presence of a doula, there are 50% fewer caesarean sections.

In the presence of a doula, the digestion phase is considerably shorter.

In the presence of a doula, 40% less use of oxytocin (“introduction”) is made.

With the presence of a doula there is a smaller chance that you will get a depression after the birth of your child(eren).

When a doula is present, the partner is more actively involved in the birth, which is very valuable for both!

With the presence of a doula, there’s a constant face during your entire birth and you will therefore not be bothered by changing services. A doula also ensures that the birth plan is observed, so that you and your partner, if any, are heard. This provides a more positive experience to look back on.